Want To Help?



  • Spay/Neuter your own pets and encourage others to do the same.  If you cannot afford to do this, or know others that cannot, please contact us, we want to help! 816.318.HELP (4357)
  • Become a sponsor of a homeless HELP orphan
  • Check out our animals in need of a sponsor!
  • Become a Shelter Buddy (We need to meet a goal of 2000 shelter buddies to ensure a monthly income to cover our expenses. We are currently at 843, please help us help them. Just $10/month, combine that with 1999 other people and together what a difference we can make in these precious lives) Please consider it…they need you! shelterbuddies.org
  • Volunteer your time (We have many volunteer opportunities available – click here to download our volunteer questionaire) Call the shelter 816.318.4357 and set up a time for Volunteer Orientation and bring the complete questionaire with you – Please consider it, we need you!
  • Foster homeless pets – print out our fostering brochure here – Please consider it, we need you!
  • Collect and submit “Best Choice” labels.
  • Cash donations are always welcome. 😀
  • Save your Coke Rewards points
  • AdoptAShelter.com

    Do all your online shopping through this link 🙂 and we get a percentage
  • Paw Points from Fresh Step litter
  • Recycling aluminum cans, paper, old cell phones, ink and toner cartridges earns our shelter money! And as an added bonus, helps to save the environment!
  • Goodsearch.com or iSearch.com – Anytime you need to do a search online, please use these search engines and designate your money to go to HELP Humane.  Doesn’t cost you a thing and gets us much needed funds.