Wish List

Daily Supplies: Supplies: Animal Supplies:
Mop Heads (commercial)
55 gallon trash bags
Tall kitchen trash bags
Lg paper plates (not syrofoam)
Brooms & dust pans
Spray bottles for disinfectant
Blankets and Comforters
Scrub brushes or sponges
Can opener
Small envelopes
Target Petco or Walmart gift cards
Live cat sized traps (please ask)
Free standing fans
Gently used furniture
AAA batteries
AA Batteries
9V batteries
Small room humidifiers and filters
Heating pads
Rubbermaid storage containers
Dolly for litter
Bath sized rugs
Baby blankets
Scoopable cat litter
Dog & Cat toys
Cat Condos, scratching posts
Fake furry mice
Pet Carriers
Cat and dog beds
Cat nail trimmers
Dog leashes/collars
Yummy dog treats
Baby food (meat only)

Services: Office Supplies: Medical Supplies:
Dog Trainers
Seamstresses: hammocks
Foster homes
HP 61 ink cartridges
Printer Paper
Writing pens
Postage Stamps
Baby scales
LRS Fluid Bags
Vetoquinol Enysyl-F treats 180 gm
Cotton balls

Food: Fundraising:
Fancy Feast Classic canned
KMR – Kitten Milk Replacement
Friskies or 9-Lives canned food
Canned tuna, hot dogs, clam juice
Bottled Water
Canned Soda
Aluminum Cans for recycling
Paper, magazines, junk mail
Emptied Ink and toner cartridges