Dog and cat hugEvery hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in this nation alone – 575 companion animals are killed.  There only crime?  They have no home.

Many people will tell us they had neglected to have their dog or cat spayed or neutered and it accidentally had a litter. But they will go on to tell us that they found homes for the litter so they were not killed.

Although they may not have seen the litter that was killed, they were directly responsible for one being killed. How you ask? Because they gave their puppies/kittens to families who may have gone to a shelter to adopt one.

Please! Look at the big picture!

575 dogs and cats are killed every hour…24 hours a day. Everyday.

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Read this before you think it is okay to declaw your cat?

Do you know where pet store animals come from?